Boards and Bits Traveler Bag


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Boards and Bits Traveler Video

Easiest Way to Travel with Games


Take up to 20 games securely on airplanes for family trips or vacations. Carry it on or check it in.


Take a ton of games to gaming conventions.


Carry all your favorite games on cruises where you have limited cabin space. Easily transport games from cabin to table and back.

Road Trips

Compactly take a game library with you on road trips to need to worry any more about space in the car!

Game Nights

Game Nights are a breeze with the Boards and Bits Traveler. Take up to 20 games without boxes or 4-6 games with boxes.

Weekend Get-away

Going on a weekend get-away? Bag is large enough to fit clothes, toiletries, shoes, laptop, and several boardgames. Just take a single bag.

What makes this bag so unique?

Take up to 20 games

The Boards and Bits Traveler makes traveling with a large number of boardgames a cinch. Our unique compartmental design fits 10-20 average boardgames, depending on how you pack the bits.

Built for Protection

The entire bag is reinforced with foam and rigid PVC board on all six sides. A rigid interior padded divider guarantees separation of boards and bits and prevents warping of boards.

Perfect for Game Night

Just throw in your boxes and go!

Key Features

Carry with roll-away bag

Strap on the back allows to attach the Traveler to telescoping luggage.

Shoulder Strap

Extra long padded shoulder strap allows you to carry games with comfort.

PVC Window

List all your games on a standard 3" X 5" card for easy reference.

Rubber Pedestals

Sturdy rubber pedestals on the bottom of the bag protect it from wear.

Tablet Storage

Carry your tablet in the outer pocket with a tablet restraining net.

Adjustable Modular Design

The Velcro divider in the main compartment can be adjusted to suit your specific boards and bits ratio. 

You can pack bits however you like: zip lock bags(our favorite), planos, or other storage solutions

Bag Specs and Details