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Are you tired of updating your Dominion organizer system every time an expansion or new promo card is released?

The answer to this constant updating is simple: a divider subscription that allows you to make an investment in a single system and receive divider updates upon request every time a new promo card is released.  Expansions and update packs sold separately. 


Wanna know about the dividers?

The title bar is a simple color-coded(based on card type) banner with the cost of the card.  

  • Cards are Vertically Oriented. 
  • The divider sits ¼” taller than the game cards to allow easy viewing of all dividers in the row. 
  • The dividers are made from full 28 point white high density Polyethylene plastic(archival quality). 
  • The exact dimensions of each divider: 2 3/8" X 3 13/16".
  • NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SLEEVED CARDS as card sleeve will partially cover label.



The sturdy plastic provides are a more more durable solution than standard cardstock and will not wear out or dog ear like cardstock. (Not recommended for sleeved cards since the sleeve partially covers the label.)


Buy Complete Set of Dividers


($7.40 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

374 Dominion Dividers 

FOR: All Base + Expansions(includes Renaissance) + 2nd edition Update packs + Promo cards(includes Captain and Church). Includes subscription for DIVIDERS for single release promo cards*



Contact Us for International shipping arrangements.

*Subscription includes single dividers for single release promo cards. buyer pays shipping. Expansions and update packs 

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