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Outburst Game Table (set of 2)


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With order you receive two Outburst game tables:
1. Classic rectangular game table with Jacobean stain finish and tabletop etched with game components.
2. Standard oval game table with decorative legs and Early American stain finish and plain tabletop. 

Ever get so fired up when playing a boardgame that you wanna flip the table?

Then the Outburst Game Table is for You!

The Outburst Game Table is the ultimate anger release product for those moments when a sudden flood of negative emotions reaches your brain during an intense boardgame and a short act of unreasonable aggression can help prevent you from flipping the actual game table and ruining the game as well as relationships with your friends and family. 

The Outburst Game Table is a civilized form of constrained hooliganism for the hasty and ever-polite hobby of tabletop gaming. It is particularly useful when frustrated over being the victim of hate-drafting, worker-blocking, or overly-aggressive attacks.

Features of the the Outburst Game Table


Sturdy Construction

 The Outburst Game Table is constructed from Baltic birch and can withstand thousands of “flippings” throughout its lifetime.  

Farmhouse Heritage

 The Outburst Game Table has passed the test of time with its farmhouse heritage. It pairs perfectly with agriculture-based games like Agricola.  

Easily Transportable

  For gamers on the move, the Outburst Game Table travels easily and fits in any game bag or tub.  

Universal Shape

 Both shapes of the Outburst Table will work with any room. The Outburst table looks fantastic in any room ranging from a small compact game room to an expansive living room space.  

Two Styles

 We include two table styles: 1. Standard rectangle game table with game components on the tabletop. 2. Oval game table with decorative legs with plain tabletop.  

Classic Stains

 Today’s on trend shade is tomorrow’s fashion fail. The classic Jacobean and Early American penetrating stains from Minwax on the Outburst Game Table are unapologetically basic but have tremendous staying power. 

Other Applications

Drink Coaster


 Perch your favorite drink atop the Outburst Game Table and avoid the annoying “clink” of out of control dice crashing into your glass.  

Trophy Stand


 Showcase the prize that will be awarded to the winner of the next game. 

Avoid Gluttony


 The Outburst table can help you portion control your snacking. Don’t eat chips directly from the bag. Just put enough on the Outburst table so you can satisfy your craving and avoid over-indulgence.  


Game Components etched into the top of table

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